Are you going to take this home?

I’ve been bragging about giving away this autographed Luke Schenn jersey, and it would be an understatement to say that it has received some interest. I’ve kept you hanging for weeks, and now here it is… informaSCHENN on how you can take home the apple of every Leaf fan’s eye.

We want to know… who is the biggest Leafs / Marlies fan around? Enough of this kids stuff, anyone can tweet about how they like the Leafs, 5 year olds know how to smear their face in blue-and-white paint, and hockey cards can be purchased with bubble gum. But now it’s time for you to compete head-to-head, face-to-face, with others calling themselves Toronto’s BIGGEST fan.

It’s a points system. Seems simple enough, right? You have to be in attendance at the Marlies last regular season game – anyone can handle that. But do you have the influence, the drive, the sheer passion to convince your friends to come too?

By now it’s of no surprise that KungPowLau & I love to meet you all at the Marlies. Many of  you have come out for one of our fantastic fan nights held in a private box. But we have realised that we need some help, we can’t handle all this alone. And that’s where the Schenn jersey comes in.

We want not only for you to enjoy our One Suite Night, but all of your friends too. We’re giving away autographed jerseys, autographed sticks, autographed pucks and autographed pictures – but only you can win the autographed Schenn jersey.

So how does it work?

It’s a point system, and only the biggest fan will be able to rack up the most points.

How do you get points?

Get your tickets, and get them quick!

You will earn 100 points for your ticket. But it’s just not all about you, remember I said you have to bring your friends? For every additional ticket you order, you will get 150 points – 100 for the ticket, and 50 for all your hard work. Not too shabby, because I’m sure you all have tons of friends that want to spend a night in a private box. But how quick can you do it? You better be quick! If you get your tickets this week (Mar 22-26) you cash in on 300 extra points. If you wait until next week (Mar 29 – Apr 2) it drops to 200 points. But if you can’t order until the last week (Apr 5-9) don’t worry, you’ll still earn yourself 100 extra points.

Ok. So it’s simple. Your ticket equals 100 points, tickets for your friends are 150 points, extra points for ordering them soon, all working towards you getting an autographed Schenn jersey. But the ultimate Leafs & Marlies fans aren’t just about bringing new fans out, it’s aaalllll about showing your Blue & White pride. So show us! Wear your jersey to the game, and pick up 100 more points. Don’t have a jersey? Then wear your Marlies t-shirt, hoodie, ball cap, bring a flag or make a sign – they all count to your point total too (50/ea).

So, how big of a fan are you? How bad do you want an autographed Luke Schenn jersey? Show us! If you need details on the box night, want to know how EXACTLY you order your $60 tickets, or want to change your status from “maybe” to “confirmed”, click here.

I’ll admit, I’m going to miss the autographed jersey hanging in my closet, but I’m sure whoever takes it away will make a good home for it…. and grant me visitation rights.

Good luck! Your buddy,


(and don’t forget to friend us on twitter – Chansler & KungPowLau)


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